Cheese Cafe

If you love cheese as much as I do, the Cheese Cafe is the place to go to. Not only is the menu cheese based, but they sell cheese for you to take home as well. The service is very good and cannot be faulted. The good food arrives timely and the staff is very friendly and on point.

They serve a breakfast menu all day, light meals and platters. The portions are all very generous in size and you get major value for money. The platters have many cheeses on offer for you to chose from, definitely something for all tastes. There are cured meat platters too, for non cheese lovers and a meze type platter as well. The Mini Camembert meal is very tasty and I would definitely recommend you try it if you like Camembert. All meals are well thought-out and unique to this cafe!

  • 011 8885384