Geldof Chocolatiers

We all know and love Geldof Chocolatiers, well if you don’t then it’s very possible that you’re not in fact from Joburg (look out your window, do you see a mountain). They make chocolate everything, from Easter eggs to truffles and their truffles are so good I actually warn you to stay away on fear of addiction. But did you know that they have a factory outlet in Randburg which stocks all their amazing chocolate at wholesale prices and direct to the public? Well they do and I once bought a whole pack of truffles for only R30. I gave the whole office one and then still had a bunch left to take home for my wife. Yes it really is that cheap but if you don’t believe me then head out there today and take a look for yourself. Tip: Ring the doorbell a few times before giving up. They are the producers of the chocolate so are often busy in the back, making chocolate like a team of Oompa Loompas.