None of these ladies knew anything about guesthouses and some of them don’t even have Gr 12. All of them are single parents who have been looking after their own and other people’s children for many years. Each of the ladies has a department of the guesthouse for which they are responsible.

All Staff

Manthoppe, Esther, Susan, Sarah, Anna

Susan & Herman Berry

Herman and Susan Berry has been in the Guesthouse industry since 1994. Their first Guesthouse, Gooseberry Lodge was situated in Bethelehem, Free State. After that they moved to Johannesburg and opened 5th Avenue Gooseberry Guest House in 1998.

Susan is extremely talented and all the paintings in the guesthouse has been done by her. She is supported by her incredible husband, a businessman and a left-brainer.


Anna has been with our family since 1991. She is very dependable and will carry through with whatever she starts. She remembers everything: which guests have stayed at Gooseberry in the past, which rooms they like as well as when which supplies were bought. She currently works at the front of house. She usually answers the intercom, prepares breakfast and checks supplies but she can and will do whatever needs to be done


Esther is Anna’s sister and has been a part of the team since 2009. She cleans rooms, receives guests and helps out as a hostess during the weekends – preparing breakfast, cleaning rooms and receiving guests.

Esther is a very nurturing person, a true mother hen. She has a passion for food and you can taste it in every bite.


Manthope has been with the team since 2009. She is still very young but has a lot of potential.

She cleans rooms, receives guests, prepares breakfast and also works as a hostess during the weekends.


Emma is our youngest staff member and our newest addition to the team and the daughter of Esther. She is highly intelligent and very willing to learn. Its such a pleasant experience to work with her as she has a beautiful personality.

Anna and Esther is sisters, and Emma is Esther’s daughter, so you can say that their entire family works for Gooseberry.


Sipho is our gardener and have been with us for 10 years. He is the one responsible for the beautiful garden.