Trick Your Triggers August Retreat

Ready to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

Join us for the ‘Trick your Triggers’ Spring Retreat at 5th Avenue Gooseberry Guesthouse!

Hosted and Presented by Susan Berry

Fri, 4 Aug – Sun, 6 August

@ 5th Avenue Gooseberry Guest House


Trick Your Triggers Retreat

Relax, recharge, and reconnect with yourself.

The year has already presented many unexpected challenges and triggers, and as we continue to move forward through the hustle and the bustle, more TRIGGERS will arise.

Life is hectic and you don’t often get the chance to connect with yourself, but HERE IS YOUR CHANCE.

After this weekend you will leave with a simple workable method that will take so much stress out of your life and positively influence your relationships that you can apply ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

It's time...

Triggers are everywhere – small, big and persistent.

And it can make one feel so powerless and at the mercy of others.

Actually, life consists of triggers – big and small. Life is actually an obstacle race.

How do you deal with these triggers and with them your own happiness in your hands?

You need to recharge yourself, stop a little, catch your breath and spend time with yourself again, in depth.

You as a woman surely unselfishly give more than enough to others (because that’s what we women do all the time).

Now is the time to give back to YOU and put YOURSELF first.

So what can you do?

Come attend this weekend and find out.

After the weekend you will leave with a simple workable method that will take so much stress out of your life and positively affect your relationships that you can apply ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

'Trick Your Triggers' is a unique event specially tailored for women, with other women like you, who feel like it's time to make some changes and embark on a new journey.

Trick Your Triggers Retreat

– A weekend of laughter, connection and sharing.

Hosted and presented by Susan Berry

Friday, 4 August (16:30) – Sunday, 6 August 2023 (12:30)

(2 Nights 4-Star accommodation and all meals included)

5th Avenue Gooseberry Guest House
44 5th Avenue
Linden, Johannesburg

Sounds great, but...

I don't have the time...

We are already heading towards the end of the year, load-shedding schedules, water restrictions… so many schedules that I have to keep up with. I am busy at work and at home. And what about my family?

Relax… This is a weekend that will equip you with the tools to start your new journey, bit by bit, to trick the triggers that make you so stressed out.

Fill the car with gas!

I have been to so many retreats…

But this one is different from all the others: Unconventionally presented in a unique, refreshing style.

"In terms of retreats and what this particular one (my 19th retreat) meant to me:

This retreat was different from all the previous ones: I will remember it forever. It was an experience. I received a great gift. A weekend to focus inward, to live with awareness, to live attentively and how to do it. It was indeed a life-changing retreat.

My toolbox is filled with precious tools that I can use on a daily basis.”

– Kinny Sinden

I can't spend anything more on myself right now.

You feel like you can’t spend anything on yourself right now?

By attending the weekend you not only give yourself something you can use forever like how to reduce stress in your life, but also to see people around you begin to change their behavior as you become less stressed and calm become in yourself with the challenges of every day and life.

We spend so easily on things whose happiness is short-lived and so easily on our outward appearance, but it is the inner appearance that determines everything.

I don't know anyone, I'm an introvert.

And, no one knows anyone else this weekend – unless you bring your bestie 🙂

The weekend is a golden opportunity to get to know others, but especially to get to know yourself.

This weekend is 100% about you!

Why do I have to sleep over- I live so close??

Oversleeping maintains continuity and the momentum of the weekend & the teachings.

Go back home and there is most likely a new problem, your thoughts are interrupted and the next morning you have to get back into the flow of the weekend all over again.

Give yourself the uninterrupted ME-time.

Who is Susan Berry?

Susan Berry is an eternal student of life with a scientific background in Chemistry & Physics, years in the guest house industry, as well as a beauty lover.

‘Anything can happen to anyone and it is best to be prepared.’

– Arundhati Roy

Are you tired of self-help books and many options for “retreats?”

Let me guess… You don’t want to hear one more thing?

So many talks, so many courses, so much advice spoken with so much authority.

So much to remember and so many things to do… Adding more stress.

“Life is a journey,” and there is never an end point, but every “something” or “trigger” is an opportunity to try to handle it in the best way.

Like everyone else, Susan often experiences triggers and it’s a continuous process of walking, falling, getting up again and fixing things. But, it’s a simple, workable method that you can always go back to.

If this works for her, there will be other women for whom this method can be valuable.

So, here is the opportunity to start.

It will no longer be necessary for you to go from one course to another or see one therapist after another all the time, because you will start to become your own therapist – strong in yourself.

You need other people and help from time to time and yes, use it absolutely, “no man is an island,” but you start to become strong in yourself. You found “YOU”.

‘From the moment Susan made contact I could sense her softness and interest. Susan radiates calmness and tranquility. Her ‘toolbox’ is packed with practical tips that will make an enormous difference in my future.’

-Elmarike de Bruin

What is the cost and what does it include?

  • Your own room
  • 2 Nights (Friday and Saturday night) 4-star accommodation in Gooseberry Guest House
  • Early morning coffee & rusks
  • Late night hot chocolate
  • Delicious food: No “just salad leaves and diet type meals” here
  • 4 Teatimes with home-baked snacks
  • Dinners: Friday and Saturday evening
  • Breakfast: Saturday and Sunday
  • Saturday Lunch
  • Gift pack
  • Access to garden
  • ‘Trick your Triggers’ Holistic overview with information and practical application in your own life
  • Enough private time for reflection in the lush garden with its many seating areas
  • Wifi
  • Parking
  • Peace and stillness in the city: This is where you can break away from the noise from outside and move inside yourself, at one of the many Gooseberry breakaway corners in the garden.

Come and experience the warm homeliness and unprecedented hospitality of Gooseberry Guest House and its staff for yourself for a weekend.

Learn how to thrive despite life’s triggers:


I'm in! Where do I register and pay?

Hmmm... I'm still not sure what I personally stand to gain from this?

During the weekend you will learn the following:

  • During the weekend you will learn the following:
  • What are triggers?
    Where do they come from?
  • Does it actually have anything to do with myself?
  • What do I do with those triggers?
  • Learn how to identify triggers.
  • Get to know your triggers from the inside out.
  • Learn how to trick your triggers from negative to positive.
  • Take control of your life without feeling at the mercy of other people’s needs and emotions.

Allow yourself this weekend with other women like you to apply and practice the simplicity of the method on your own time, in your own space, with support, so that you are practically familiar with it after the weekend.

Wouldn’t it be great to be familiar with a toolbox of tricks that can be used for triggers?

I had a great time on the weekend, where I was truly spoilt. Now I am equipped with a remarkable "Tool" to Trick my Triggers!

Lindi de Clercq

After the weekend, you will leave with a simple workable method that will take so much stress out of your life and positively influence your relationships that you can apply ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

What are triggers?

  • Are there certain people/circumstances that trigger you regularly, over and over again? And you don’t know what to do with it?… It’s a trigger.
  • Are there certain emotions (and they are frequently triggered) that you just want to get away from? You feel powerless against it?… It’s a trigger.
  • Your children who have always stayed close to you move away or emigrate, the sadness of someone who has died – the loss, the trauma of a violent death in the family, blaming yourself for things you said/didn’t say … Those are BIG triggers.
  • You attract other people’s problems so strongly (especially children’s) that it affects your entire quality of life because you feel helpless to help and you would so much like to… It’s a trigger.
  • Have you ever reacted to a situation in such a way that afterwards you have so many more additional problems because of your reaction and feel so bad about it, but you just couldn’t help yourself?… It is a trigger that has multiplied into many more triggers. Come and learn how to prevent this.
  • Are you surrounded by difficult people, do you feel you are often the victim of others, unappreciated?… It’s a trigger.
  • Do you feel at times overwhelmed with situations and circumstances that absolutely throw you and do you feel that you have no control – you are at the mercy of and powerless?… It’s a trigger.
  • Do you still feel upset long after your daughter is no longer upset about what was bothering her?… It’s a trigger.
  • Are you the one that others come to with problems and you need to listen, and you yourself don’t have someone where you feel safe? Come learn to give it to yourself.
  • Can you see that you do the same things over and over even if you don’t want to, but you can’t help yourself?… It’s a trigger.

Allow yourself this weekend to apply and practice the simplicity of the method on your own time, in your own space, with support, so that you are practically familiar with it after the weekend.

You don't need anyone or anything else to apply it. Just yourself. You are in control of your life and no longer at the mercy of others.

I walked away from the weekend ready to meet Goliath…

“At times I was overwhelmed by my feelings as a wife, mother, daughter, friend and teacher. The advertisement “Trick your Triggers” on FB simply ‘spoke’ to me.

I walked away from the weekend ready to meet Goliath…

In her testimonies, Susan has shared a plethora of invaluable advice that can be utilised to effectively face any circumstance. Her guidance is spread across the course of two days and is incredibly useful.

It was an incredible experience, along with the pampering, that made me feel like family coming home.’

– Rochelle Smith

Wouldn't it be great to enter the upcoming spring season with a toolbox full of tricks to combat life's triggers?


Do you need any further information about the weekend, or do you just want to chat over a cup of coffee?

Contact Susan Berry: 

Telephone or What’s App: 083 280 5422


By the way, did you know 5th Avenue Gooseberry Guesthouse recently received recognition from HotelsCombined as one of the top guesthouses in SA?

Read more about this in this article.

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