Our Team

Rates from R 980.00 to R 1,380.00 per person per night.

Breakfast @ R120.00 per person

We Truly Boast an Exceptional Team of Staff Members

Most of our ladies are single parents who look after their own, as well as other people’s children.

Our staff members have been with us for many years, which means that our staff turn-over is almost non-existing. Bonus!

We are proud to introduce you to a group of people who value honesty, integrity and excellence in their work.

Meet Our Team


Esther has been a part of the team since 2009. She cleans rooms, receives guests and helps out as hostess during the weekends - a true mother hen. She has a passion for food and you can taste it in every bite.


Anna is Esther's sister and has been with our family since 1991. Not only is she our right hand, but her attention to detail when it comes to guests and their requirements is truly exceptional.


What a bonus to have Sarah on board with us with her warm and caring personality. Sarah is responsible for taking care of our guests' rooms and also acts as hostess during weekends.


Sipho has been with us for 10 years and is in charge of maintaining and taking care of our beautiful garden.


Connie is our newest team member and a great help when it comes to getting things done - always ready to assist with a smile.

Allow us to lavish you with warm hospitality and attention, so that your visit to this stylish Gauteng Guest House is a truly satisfying one.

Why so many gracious extra touches?

Because we’ve been expecting you!

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