It’s time to sparkle, Darling

Sparkler Gooseberry Guesthouse

Sometimes, all you need is a spark to create change in your life.

Are you feeling stuck and in need of a spark to create change in your life? I understand how difficult it can be to make a shift, especially during these uncertain times, but I believe that with the right toolbox and support, anything is possible.

Before we get to this toolbox… I’d like to share some truly sparkling 2023 moments with you:

1. From 10 – 12 February I hosted my 2nd “Triek Jou Triggers Weekend Retreat” at Gooseberry Guesthouse.

We had so much fun – a weekend of laughter connection and sharing. Many thanks to everyone who attended. How amazing to be equipped with the right tools to combat life’s triggers!

These Facebook comments leave no question to interpretation:

Triek jou Triggers Feedback

Triek jou Triggers Gooseberyy Guesthouse

2. End of Feb – MindValley Live Conference in Dubai.

What an incredible experience! A life changing weekend of personal growth, magic moments and deep connections with the world’s best teachers and community.

Every Mindvalley teacher is a celebrated authority in their field. From legendary philosophers, to award-winning artists and scientists, to trailblazing serial entrepreneurs and spiritual masters. 🤗

Susan Berry MindValley Liive Dubai

3. March was all about Japan and I’m telling you…

Visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was a deeply moving experience that truly demonstrated the meaning of “PEACE.”

It got me thinking… By focusing on cultivating peace within ourselves and our relationships with others, we can work towards a more harmonious and compassionate society.

Susan Berry Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

4. Back at Gooseberry Guesthouse, my friends and I started implementing the Purple Cow Rule.
Ever heard of the PURPLE COW RULE?

It’s all about standing out from the crowd. It’s about being different, unique, and remarkable—so much so that you become unforgettable.⁣⁣

At 5th Ave Gooseberry Guest House we believe in being something that everyone remembers.

So, if you’re looking for something extraordinary – you know where to come!

The Purple Cow Rule Gooseberry Guesthouse

5. About that toolbox…

“Triek Jou Triggers” is a weekend for women, with other fabulous women like you, who feel it’s time for herself and time to take a different direction in her life.

This Winter Weekend Retreat will be taking place from 26-28 May at 44 5th Ave Gooseberry Guesthouse.

Triek Jou Triggers

Click here for further information on Triek Jou Triggers Winter Weekend Retreat.